Drilling Consultancy Services

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May 10, 2020

Drilling Consultancy Services


TSI is the agent of DrillinkTech which specializes in Oil field Engineering and Consultancy formed by Upstream Experts with solid combined experience of more than 200 years well established in countries like; Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, USA and United Arab Emirates; empowered by Top Class Technology service partners, with the main objective to work as one team to provide VALUE to our customers by maximizing their Capital Efficiency”

For more information please email us on info@tsillimited.com

DrillinkTech Oilfield Integrated Project (OIP) specialists and experts work towards the best solution to meet client needs. With combined strong capabilities and expertise across oilfield domains as well design for drilling and completion, well integrity, reservoir, petrophysics, geomechanics, drilling fluids, fracturing, stimulation, production engineering and optimization to deliver integrated projects maximizing well life cycle while ensuring optimum well placement, sweeping efficiency, recovery factor plateau and capital efficiency.

Below are the IPS provided:

  • Exploration: Regional Evaluation / Prospect ranking and well planning
  • Field Development for Green and Brown Fields
  • IOR & EOR road map for mature reservoirs
  • Production: Reservoir monitoring & Production enhancement
  • Oil Field Technical Expert’s Consultancy
  • Geomechanically and Feasibility Studies
  • Stochastic evaluation: Uncertainties & Risks

An Innovative customer oriented well engineering consultancy services carefully designed to fulfill the Oilfield technical gaps that are impending moving towards to reduce field, reservoir, drilling and completion challenges and uncertainties for inclined, horizontal, multilaterals and ERD wells along with EOR/IOR techniques and Production optimization. DrillinkTech experts provide within your organization a diversity of fit consultancy solutions to fulfill any projects gaps required to unlock possibilities, production, technology and innovation.

  • Exploration: Regional Evaluation/Prospect ranking
  • Develop Field Develop plans for Green and Brown fields
  • IOR/EOR projects
  • Geomechanics Consulting
  • Reservoir and Drilling Management
  • Design Drilling and Completion integrated solutions
  • Well Planning support and technical feasibilities analysis
  • Invisible lost time (ILT) and Nonproductive time (NPT) detection
  • Identify best technology solutions from Drilling to Production
  • Support Rig contracting strategies and deployment
  • Provide best technical and managerial staffs service “according your needs”
  • Logistics and remote operations support
  • Full Well Design & Engineering Services
  • Feasibility Studies, Planning, Supply Chain
  • Well Operation Support (Office / Field)
      • Cementing
      • Directional Drilling, MRC Well
      • Sidetrack / Multilaterals
      • MWD & LWD Surveying, geosteering
      • Mud Logging, Fluids Design
  • Real-Time Drilling Performance
  • Under Balanced Drilling (UBD)
  • Managed Pressure and Drilling (MPD)
  • Data Analytics and Big Data trends
  • Field Services support
  • Risk Assessments

DrillinkTech offers a variety of reliable technologies and equipment’s empowered by our international brands carefully selected to cover our customer demand in compliance with highest international standards ranging from real-time downhole monitoring’s and data acquisition systems, drilling and completion tubular, drilling tools, completion packers and accessories to a anti-corrosives valves and pipes, hydraulic pump system.

  • Drill string power and telemetry (DEPTS)
  • Downhole Memory Gauges
  • Drilling Tools (Jars, Stabilizers, Blowout control)
  • Cementing Tools and Casing Accessories
  • Fishing Tools and Casing Accessories
  • Fishing Tools
  • Wellhead and XMTS
  • Bypass Valve
  • Drill Pipe, Drill Collar and Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
  • Completion Technologies
  • Digital Oil Field (DOF)