Emergency Restoration Towers

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Emergency Restoration Towers

TSI supplies Emergency Restoration Towers, built from meticulously engineered components, designed to support extremely high loading scenarios. This means the towers can support heavier conductors in high winds and ice loads, can be built taller, need fewer guywires, and support longer spans. Most importantly, they are safer.

For any enquiries please email us on info@tsilimited.com

Designed for Today’s Transmission Line Challenges

  • Supports 1000m spans and longer
  • Capable of withstanding severe weather (198km/hr. winds, 12mm ice)
  • Capable of supporting ultra-high voltage lines (1200kV)
  • Foundation expands for use on soft soils
  • Designed for rapid erection by a small crew
  • Useable in all types of terrain
  • Packaged for efficient storage and rapid retrieval
  • Adaptable to any configuration
  • No heavy lifting equipment needed