Loss Circulation

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June 9, 2020

Loss Circulation

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TSI has been collaborating with SEDMECA and Turbo-Chem International since January 2020. Turbo-Chem is dedicated to reducing drilling project costs for our customers by minimizing risks associated with lost circulation, shale instability, formation damage, differential sticking, torque and drag and drill-string balling. Its core business is treatment of drilling loss of circulation.

The term “Loss of circulation” is the uncontrolled flow of hole mud into a formation, sometimes referred to as a “thief zone.”, the way to treat this is drill with LCM which is Solid material intentionally introduced into a mud system to reduce and eventually prevent the flow of drilling fluid into a weak, or fractured formation. The losses of drilling and NPT is in thousands of dollars in day rate.

This material is generally fibrous or plate-like in nature, as suppliers attempt to design slurries that will efficiently bridge over and seal loss zones.

Turbo-Chem’s philosophy is that Pre-Planning and Pre-Treatment coupled with strategic material and a response driven, decisive matrix is the best practice for mitigating and curing seepage to massive whole mud losses. Involving TCI during the planning phase of the well, has resulted in increased operator’s success in reducing or eliminating mud losses.

Bore-Seal 100 will create a fast-effective seal to minimize fluid and pressure invasion into the wellbore, while Turbo-WBS will stabilize rheological properties in high temperature atmospheres.


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