Electrical Compact and Mobile Substations

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Electrical Compact and Mobile Substations

TSI is a specialist supplier of Electrical Compact Substation, providing a complete line of packaged substations, unit substations, mobile substations, kiosk substations and skid mounted substations, meeting the relevant international standards such as IEC/ANSI and other applicable standards, custom built to suit client requirements and applications.

These compact substations are designed to withstand the environmental conditions and operational needs of the MENA Region.

For any enquiries please email us on info@tsilimited.com

  • Cost Effective
  • Short Delivery
  • Space Saving
  • Minimize installation time required on site
  • Rapid startup and commissioning
  • Mobility
  • Packaged Substation Buildings
  • Mobile Substations
  • Kiosk Substations
  • Skid Mounted Substations
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rural Electrification
  • Power Distribution