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Lotus Drill Bits

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Lotus Drill Bits

TSI is the exclusive distributor of Lotus Pipes & RockDrills USA Ltd. in the MENA Region.

Lotus Pipes & RockDrills USA Ltd. leading manufacturer of uPVC well Screen & Casing pipes & Rock drilling tools. Lotus has two divisions - Extrusion of Rigid well uPVC Pipes (Casing & Screen in-house manufacturing) & Manufacturing of Rock drilling tools: DTH Hammers, Button Bits & Tricone Bits

Tricone Bit Overview Available in all sizes as per the needs of the client, our Bits adhere to the most stringent international IADC Codes and are manufactured as per API Standards. Our insistence on quality ensures that our bits excel in the field, no matter if you are drilling Soft, Medium, & Hard formations.

TCI Tricone Rock Bit - Opened & Sealed Bearing Type

Lotus' cutting-edge designs and our decision to use only steel of impeccable quality has provided optimum penetration rates and long runs even in the most difficult and abrasive formations. Weight on the bits is distributed through a five anti-friction bearing matched and ground with precision for maximum durability. Critical areas on the external portion of the bit are protected with a Tungsten Carbide Alloy hard facing. All sizes of TCI Tricone Bits are available for drilling Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium-Hard, and Hard formations depending on the style of the drill bit used. They are intended for use in both Blast Hole & Water-Well Drilling, and are compatible with compressed air, fluid circulation, regular, or jet circulation systems.

Lotus' TCI Tricone Rock bits are some of the best performing and longest lasting on the market. Product selection plays a large role in performance, with the option for sealed bearing and gauge protection greatly increasing the life and functionality of the bit. No matter the features chosen, Lotus' TCI Tricone bits are renowned for their exceptional performance paired with unbeatable value.

Please email us on info@tsilimited.com to find out more about Lotus Drill Bits Products.

  • Environmental Drilling
  • Exploration Drilling
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Horizontal Directional
  • Drilling Water Well Drilling
  • Mining – Drill & Blast
  • Oil & Gas
  • Quarry