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None Oil and Gas Projects


Complete design work, civil, structural and MEP and supervision of construction works

Project Name: Medina Airport Hotel-Saudi Arabia
Contract Value: 26,000,000 USD
Client: Scott Brownrigg (GMW Architects)
Status: On-going


Regeneration of original concept, which includes general face lift, and rehabilitation of all mechanical, electrical and other services

Project Name: Al Shaab Stadium
Client: Iraq Olympic Committee
Contract Value: 3,400,00USD
Start Year: 2004
Completion Year: 2005


Complete civil repair work, complete new architectural work

Project Name: Ministry of Culture Baghdad
Client: Ministry of Culture
Contract Value: 12,000,000USD
Start Year: 2004
Completion Year: 2005


Complete project management & supervision work for the construction of Sulaymaniah airport cargo village. The work includes runway, apron, warehouses, substation, electrical & mechanical system, control, and automation

Project Name: Sulaimaniya International Airport Cargo Village
Client: GULF MAR
Start date: 2011
Finish date: 2012


Complete civil, electrical, mechanical work

Project Name: Sulaimaniya Passport General Directorate Office
Client: Minstry of Interior KRG
Start Year: 2013
Completion Year: 2015


Complete structure and Concrete work

Project: Bin Firnas City Baghdad
Client: KAR Group
Status: Under construction


Medical Diagnosis Centre Building of New Diagnosis Centre which includes all radiology, MIR, x-rays, and scanning facilities. The work includes the supply, construction and installation of all civil architectural material and electro-mechanical systems

Project: Erbil Medical Diagnosis Center
Client: MDC
Start Year: 2009
Completion Year: 2010

Turnkey project for Design and Construction of 200 bed hospital

Project: EU-UNRWA Hospital
Description: General Hospital
Location: Gaza

Supply and install medical equipment for 2 district hospitals in Manjil and Abu Turim

Project: District Hospitals
Description: Two District Hospitals
Location: Iran

Supply and install and maintain medical systems, medical equipment and furniture

Project: Belize Central Hospital
Description: 200 Bed General Hospital
Location: Belize

Electrical, Mechanical and Medical systems as well as all medical equipment and furniture

Project: Astana Hospital
Description: 260 Bed General Hospital
Location: Kazakhstan

Supply and install medical equipment and furniture

Project: Ibn Al-Haitham Hospital
Description: Ophthalmic Hospital
Location: Iraq

Supply and install Electrical, Mechanical and Medical systems

Project: Amarah Military Hospital
Description: Military Hospital
Location: Iraq

Supply and installation of Mechanical systems in three existing hospitals in Accra, Takiradi and Kumassi Hospitals in Ghana

Project: Health Rehabilitation
Description: Rehabilitation of 3 Hospitals
Location: Ghana

Turnkey project for the design and construct 100 bed general hospital including medical equipment and furniture, project suspended due to lack of funds

Project: Safwan General Hospital
Description: 100 Bed General Hospital
Location: Iraq