Mitsubishi Power Aero LLC (Previously known as PW Power Systems)

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Mitsubishi Power Aero LLC (Previously known as PW Power Systems)

Mitsubishi Power Aero LLC (Previously known as PW Power Systems) is the world leader in developing and manufacturing energy solutions for power generation, offering products for aero-derivative and Industrial Gas Turbines. With more than 2000 industrial gas turbines installed in over 50 countries worldwide, PWPS prides itself in being superior in the Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul. The PWPS™ Gas Turbine Engine Portfolio offers competitive, efficient and flexible products ranging from 25MW to 120 MW.

PWPS products such as MW MOBILE - FT8 MOBILEPAC Gas Turbine Package, 30 or 60 MW - FT8 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Package,, FT4000 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Package, are used in different type of energy sectors.

TSI is the exclusive distributor of PW Power Systems Aftermarket Spares and Services for Iraq.

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The MOBILEPAC Gas Turbine Package is the industry leader in providing state of the art technology with over 30 years of experience. After many successful years of operation, the MOBILEPAC Gas Turbine Package now utilizes the FT8 engine and offers 30 megawatts of movable power. Utilizing the proven SWIFTPAC gas turbine package technology, this package is designed to provide quick, reliable power and is especially useful in emergency situations. The MOBILEPAC Gas Turbine Package design includes two trailers. The first contains the gas turbine, electric generator, exhaust collector, diffuser and engine lube oil system. The second trailer carries the 15 kilovolts switchgear, control system, operation panel, protective relays, batteries and charger, motor control center and the hydraulic start package. A pre-commissioned MOBILEPAC Gas Turbine Package can be driven to a site and begin generating power in less than one day.

Product Facts
  • Output (kW): 30,000
  • Base engine: FT8
  • Number of Trailers: Two
  • Installation: One day (site ready and previously commissioned)
  • Noise: 95 dba at one meter
  • NOx/CO: 50/100 mg/m3
  • Grid: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Fuel: Liquid or Gas
  • Ready to provide emergency power within one day (Site ready and previously commissioned)
  • Environmentally Compatible
  • Dual Frequency
  • Optional black start capability
  • Flexible trailer sighting
  • Compatible for highways
  • Provides three point support and structural rigidity to maintain generator alignment
  • Remote operations

The FT8 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Package offers 30 or 60 megawatts of power. Utilizing proven FT8 technology derived from a Pratt & Whitney JT8D gas generator, the SWIFTPAC power plant is designed to provide quick, reliable power. The package design includes an enclosed driver assembly incorporating the gas generator, power turbine, exhaust collector box, inlet plenum and lube system. These factory assembled modules allow the FT8 SWIFTPAC power plant to generate power less than 30 days after arriving on site.

  • Factory assembled modules
  • Integrated lube oil system
  • Factory – tested quick disconnect cables
  • Prefabricated field piping
  • Factory – flushed lube oil systems
  • Combined gas turbine and exhaust enclosure
  • Factory checkout
  • Simple, flat foundation with minimal embedment’s
  • Compact Layout
  • Best in class part load efficiency
  • Reduced site set up time
  • Lower site cost
  • Less expensive shipping
  • Reduced field flushing
  • Minimal field wiring terminations utilizing quick disconnect cables
  • Prefabricated piping needs no field welding
  • Less site labor
  • Standard and repeatable manufacturing process
  • Standard and repeatable installation process
  • Pre-assembled and tested
  • Reduced field inventory
  • Ease of engine checkout and maintenance
  • Operating flexibility
  • Ease of transportation and relocation

The FT4000 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Package is available in both single- and dual-engine configurations, it offers greater than 41 percent simple-cycle efficiency and a nominal 60 to 140 megawatts of power within a modular design that is built utilizing over fifty years of aero-derivative design and packaging experience. Utilizing the core technology derived from the proven Pratt & Whitney PW4000 turbo- fan engines, the all-new SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Packages are designed to provide reliable peaking and base-load power with a relatively compact footprint. This is accomplished by coupling either one or two FT4000 engines to one electric generator. The modular design includes proven features of the successful FT8 SWIFTPAC and MOBILEPAC Gas Turbine Package designs.

  • One (1) aero-derivative engine (60-70 MW) or two (2) aero-derivative engines (120-140 MW)
  • Single or dual engine configuration
  • Modular design
  • Maximum factory assembly
  • Optimized shipping sizes
  • Proven industrial components
  • Integrated ancillary systems
  • Control enclosure with power distribution
  • Prefabricated field piping
  • Interconnecting quick disconnect cables
  • Standard option packages
  • Cheap transportation time and cost
  • Limited on – site stock
  • Less installation time
  • Efficient commissioning
  • Low installation cost , High value
  • Effective flexibility
  • High part –load efficiency
  • Ten – minute start up time
  • Quick engine change out
  • Design flexibility to meet customer needs