Swab Master Rigs

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Swab Master Rigs

TSI is the exclusive agent and distributor of Tiger General LLC – USA for the MENA Region delivering High-end Oil Swabbing rig products to Oil & Gas Industry. Tiger General has been the leader in the Oil & Gas Industry since 1925 producing the finest designed, engineered, manufactured, field tested and proved swabbing trucks that will meet your needs.

We can provide these swab rigs on either a new or used chassis from the major producers of industrial truck manufactures. The Swabbing trucks been designed to boost productivity and profit. In other words, bringing old wells back to life and maximizing portability.

Advantages of using Swabbing Trucks

  • Maximizing Profitability by bringing Old Wells Back to Life without additional drilling
  • Saves Time
  • Robust engineering design and durability
  • Improve Oilfield Safety and reduces assumptions through a Smarter Swabbing Rig
  • Boost Operator Morale
  • Used in Offshore and remote areas
  • After-Sale Support

For any enquiries please email us on info@tsilimited.com